Steele Holting On

Try this for a deep dark secret.  I have a habit ... a bad habit ... of writing Remington Steele fan fiction. 
I tried to stop, but I couldn't.  And now? I'm posting it for all those Steele Holting On to the Remington Steele
dream ... of friendship, passion, and love.

Latest News
12/1/16 Just a friendly reminder that this website will be closing soon. All my Remington Steele stories have been moved to Archive of Our Own (Ao3)
at SteeleHoltingOn Series.

You'll see that all my stories have been grouped into one of three series: Canon, Alternate Universe, or Diamonds of Steele/Two Holts 'Verse to make your favorite stories easier to locate. Ao3 also allows registered users to bookmark or subscribe to an author.

Why did I move the stories? Mostly because this website was built on an older platform that is hard to change with the needs of mobile and tablet users. I'm sure you've noticed all the broken links. 

Ao3 is a wonderful host for fanfiction, and you can once again leave me comments on your favorite stories or ask questions.  The chapter links are also much easier to navigate.  My user name at Ao3 hasn't changed.  You can find me at SteeleHoltingOn. Lately, I've been writing Marvel fanfic, and you can see my other stories there.

Thank you for reading my stories.  To date, this site has received over 100,000 clicks since its inception in 2009.  I look forward to seeing you on Ao3.





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