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Try this for a deep dark secret.  I have a habit ... a bad habit ... of writing Remington Steele fan fiction. 
I tried to stop, but I couldn't.  And now? I'm posting it for all those Steele Holting On to the Remington Steele
dream ... of friendship, passion, and love.

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Canon Short Stories a.k.a
It could have happened.
A Steele in the Night (PG)            
    Season 1: License to Steele ...How did a nameless con man choose to become Remington Steele?
Balls of Steele (PG)
    Season 2: Remington and Laura play a game of billiards.
Holting Out for a Dream (G)
    Four years before Season 1: Laura tells Murphy why she's leaving Havenhurst.
Queen of Steele (NC-17)
    Post Season 5:After Laura leaves him, Remington hides out in Monte Carlo. a
Steele a Few Skeletons (R)
    Remington uncovers a clue to Laura's psyche.
Steele Committed (PG)
    Season 4: Transition scene set between "Steele Searching: Part 2" and "Steele Blushing"
Steele in Time (PG)
    Somewhere in Season 4: Faith and trust go a long way.
Steele Threads: Postscript (G)
    Season 2: Remington deals with Laura's brush with death

Alternate Universe Short Stories a.k.a We wish it would have happened.
In these stories, Bonds of Steele and/or Season 5 are zip, nada, non-existent and never happened--unless I say otherwise
Beg, Borrow or Steele: Part 2 (NC-17)
        Another take on what might have happened before and after "Bonds of Steele."
Cannes Steele Be Convinced? (PG)
        Before they forge ahead, the past must be addressed.
Holt Fast, My Love (NC-17)
        Laura vanishes.
Holt Steele, I'm Driving (NC-17)
        Laura calls Remington for help ...and gets Johnny Todd.
Holt Steele in the Moonlight (R)
        Laura and Remington return to Cannes for a case.
How to Make Love in an Auburn (R)
        It's just a little tricky ...
Répondez Steele Vous Plait (PG)
        Remington extends a very special invitation to Laura.
Rethinking Steele (PG)
        Laura plays a trick on Remington to get to the bottom of their relationship.
Steele Blushing: Part 2 (NC-17)
        Just an idea of what should have happened after the Season 4 episode "Steele Blushing."
Steele Burning (NC-17)
        Chaos, confusion, and a connection at last.
Steele Confused (R)
        Laura picks up Remington from a bar after an argument.
Steele Crossing the Line (R)
        A story about Laura's father and a poker game.
Steele Shaken (NC-17)
        If the 1994 Northridge earthquake had struck in 1985 ... Warning adult situations
Steele Warming Up (NC-17)
        Laura and Remington have to work out the details.
Steele with Strings Attached (NC-17)
        Laura makes a move.
Surprised Steele (R)
        A little trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea holds its surprises for Remington

Regency Steele (NC-17)
Okay, take Bonds of Steele and all of Season 5, throw out everything we don't like, keep the stuff we do, put Laura in a corset and let
Daniel run the show.  Have fun!

Steeling a Dream Trilogy (NC-17)

Begins at the end of Season 5.  Remington's past comes back to haunt him and Laura may be the one to pay the price. 
Author's note: Diamonds of Steele contains dark elements that some may find disturbing.
  Part 1: Diamonds of Steele (contains violence and sexuality)
  Part 2: Under a Steele Dark Sky
  Part 3: House of Steele
Diamonds of Steele was initially written as a stand alone novel, but as things go, I just had to pursue the story line a little (a lot!) further.

Steeling a Dream/Diamonds of Steele Stories:
Set in the Steeling a Dream universe.

On Becoming Steele (NC-17)
    1969 ... Harry and the Countess
Steele a Kid from Kilkenny (PG)
    1986 ... A few months after their marriage, the Steeles are working out the details.
Steele Got the Touch (PG)
    2009 ... RS/Castle crossover.  The Steeles follow a case to New York City.
Steele Keeping Secrets (NC-17)
    1987 ... The Steeles chase a case to Puerta Vallarta ... and discover a secret they've each been hiding.
Holting Out for a Steele (NC-17)
    1975 ... The story behind the secret in "Steele Keeping Secrets"
Steele Missing You (G)
    1987 ... A Father's Day story.
Steele's Fan Dance (R)
    1985 ... Remington sees Laura's fan dance at last.  A continuation of "Steele Committed" (see Short Stories above)

Two Holts Stories/Diamonds of Steele
These stories should be read in order listed below.  If you are looking for light-hearted, fun stories about our favorite couple,  the
Two Holts stories are just your cup of tea.  All take place as the Steeles return from Ireland after the series ended. They are also
companion stories to Diamonds of Steele -- beginning in Chapter 5 of that novel.

Two Holts for the Price of Steele (PG)
    What if Laura really was a middle child, as mentioned by Abigail in Season 1?
Two Holts: Sisters of Steele (R)
    The Holt sisters exchange confidences as the new brothers begin to bond.
Two Holts: Steele Filling in the Blanks (PG)
    Remington discovers new aspects of living with Laura.
Two Holts: No Holts Barred (PG)
    Laura packs up her loft.
Two Holts: Steele Coming Together (PG)
    Laura reflects on living with Remington.
Two Holts: I Steele Do (PG)
    Remington worries about the Ireland wedding.
Two Holts: Steele Treading Water (PG)
    The Steeles adjust to married life as elements of Remington's past catch up with him.
Two Holts: Steeling a Bride (NC-17)
    What happened after the L.A. wedding reception?
Two Holts: Steele Unexpected (R)
     Remington struggles with marriage.  Laura finds a way to help him cope.
Two Holts: A Steele Halloween (PG)
    What to wear?
Two Holts: Happy Birthday, Mr. Steele (PG)
    Thanksgiving and Remington's first birthday celebration.
Two Holts: Steele Paying the Price (PG)
    Christmas with Laura's family.

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